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Invest in your Wellness today, Avoid Illness tomorrow
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SattvaLifeTM offers Personalized Digital Wellness Coaching to improve Physical and Mental Health using techniques from the lineages of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Sound Therapy.

Our comprehensive programs comprise of Tele Coaching, Digital Content, and an Online Community

We strive to prevent and manage lifestyle related health challenges such as: Chronic Stress, Overweight/Obesity, Sleep Problems, Anxiety and Depression. We also have programs to support General Wellness and Yoga-based Spiritual Coaching.
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Yoga is a time-tested, 5,000+ year old, multi dimensional modality for promoting physical health, mental health, strong moral foundation, and spiritual growth. It offers a comprehensive path to healing through: Āsanas (yoga postures & movements), Prānāyama (yogic breathing techniques), Meditations, Yoga Psychology (yogic way of life)


Ayurveda in Sanskrit means the science of life. It’s a comprehensive system of medicine over 5,000 years old, originating in India. It promotes total mind-body-spirit healing, encompassing all facets of life. It is a personalized approach to healing, empowering you with deeper awareness and perspective so that you can take healing into your own hands and custom-create a lifestyle to meet your individual needs.

Sound Therapy

Mantras are  sounds or sacred utterances with energetic vibrations. Mantras heal the soul and body from negative thoughts. They  uplift the mind, soul, and body. Many  ancient civilizations believed that the chanting of mantras improves inner consciousness and also helps us to think wisely and put things in a better perspective.

We do not provide medical advice or therapy.  We also do not prescribe the use of any pharmaceutical medications in our programs.
We provide Wellness Coaching. Our programs are primarily based on behavioral health changes and natural diet supplements, guided by experienced and knowledgeable wellness coaches.

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Our Coaching and Content programs are currently offered to Individuals and Employer Groups in North America and Europe.

If you are seeking an Individual Plan, please visit our '
Plans & Pricing' page and purchase a wellness plan.

If you are an employer seeking wellness plans for your employees, please contact us via the form on our
Contact US page
We do not accept health insurance at the moment.
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Our Web & Mobile Apps

Continue your wellness journey using either our Mobile Friendly website or our Mobile Apps. 


Use our Web ad Mobile Apps to view your health assessments, wellness plans, content library, and wellness alerts. You may also book appointments with our wellness coaches and communicate with them in our Apps.

Download our Mobile App on Google Play Store & Apple Store 

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