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Our Story

Our founder, Yogi Arvind, has been offering spiritual and health coaching to hundreds of individuals since 2011. Having been in the healthcare-technology space for more than 2 decades, he aspired to someday providing effective wellness programs that are easy to follow, easily accessible and are affordable by individuals across the world. His plans to launch such programs accelerated during the Covid 19 pandemic, when millions of people could have avoided infections  through better diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and better lifestyles. That is when SattvaLife was created.

Sattva is a Sanskrit word, which represents qualities such as luminous, purity and goodness. Our intent is to help you achieve a life with such qualities.


Yoga philosophy talks about balancing three types of bodies: Sthūla Sharīra (Physical body), Sūkshma Sharīra (Mental/Emotional body), and Kārana Sharīra (Causal/soul body). Complete wellness can be achieved only when these three bodies are in an optimal balance. Our wellness programs are designed with the intent to achieve this optimal balance, using techniques from modalities such as Yoga, Ayurveda, and sound healing.



Arvind Chittumalla
Founder, CEO

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