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Coaching Model

Our coaches are well trained and have more than a decade of experience in  yoga, ayurveda and mantra based healing. 

They are all trained in effective coaching skills such as : Empathetic Listening, Asking open-ended questions, Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication, Setting SMART goals, Good judgement, Follow through.

Our coaches will be assigned to a member only after they after they have completed the SattvaLife Coach Training program.

Coaching Sessions

Initial Assessment

You will schedule a 1-hour Initial Assessment call with our health coaches. Based on what we learn about you from the call, the completed assessment questionnaire, and your health goals, we will curate a custom wellness plan for you using various techniques from Yoga, Ayurveda and Sound Therapy.

Follow-Up Coaching Sessions

Once you begin your wellness program our health coaches will follow up with you through 30-minute telecoaching sessions. The number of follow up coaching sessions will be 8 or 16, depending on the duration of your wellness plan. You can attend the coaching sessions on your computer, mobile phone, or a tablet.

Progress Evaluation

You and our health coaches will together complete our Health Assessment Form to evaluate your progress, either towards the end of the program, or at specific intervals during the program. You can see your progress in your My Sattva Life page on our website and in our Apps (Not available now)

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